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Gediminas Avenue from the Cathedral Square to the Lukiškių Square
September 2, Friday, 12:00 - 23:00
September 3, Saturday, 10:00 - 23:00
September 4, Sunday, 10:00 - 22:00

It has been six years since the Gediminas Avenue began to "buzz" during the annual Vilnius City Fiesta. Once again we can soundly state: the venue cannot be changed!

THE BUZZING AVENUE is not a farmers' fair or market place.
It is a place for stirring cultural action and various creative ideas.
It is a place where different needs, wishes and fantasies come true.
It is a place where neighbours, friends and guests of the city meet.
It is a way of expressing the town spirit!

Based on this slogan all the programme of the BUZZING AVENUE is presented in 4 different areas of action:
1. Singing, dancing and drawing Vilnius

From Cathedral Square to Vilnius str.
This area is for art and craftsmanship, profesional painters works, various art articles and most important - a lot of cultural events and concerts.
2. Delicious Vilnius - fairing area
Gedimo av. from Jogailos str. to A.Jakšto str.

In this area everyone will be able to taste and to buy various delicacies - one who will come hungry will go out with full stomach! You will find here the highest quality food: bread, meat, milk, honey, meat products and other dainties and goodies.
3. Reading Vilnius - books avenue
Gedimino av. from A.Jakšto str. to Vasario 16-osios str.

Best present for the festival visitor is a book to sweeten his soul. Presentations of most recent and most talked-about books introduced by the main publishers of Vilnius.
4. Swept-away by winds: Šilutė, Lithuanian Capital of Culture, comes to Vilnius
Gedimino av. from Vasario 16-osios str. to Lukiškių Square

Lithuanian Capital of Culture Šilutė with it's swept-away by winds people, men and women knitting nets, the most delicious fish soup and smoked in front of your eyes fish, nostalgic marine songs and proud traditional Lithuanian dances and music will colour Vilnius in exotic colours.
For most hungry and most thursty ones - outdoor restaurants with the best outdoor kitchens will be arranged in all Gediminas Avenue.

September 2, 17:00, at the concert stage in Gedimino Avenue by Kudirkos Square
Vilnius Mayor welcomes the citizens and the guests