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Concerts’ programme of THE BUZZING AVENUE

August 31, Friday

Stage by V. Kudirkos square
17:00 Gold Medal winners in World Choir Olympics (Cincinnati, USA) – youth choir Kivi (led by Danguolė Aukselienė)
18.00 The Dominoes
19.00 ReedNoBrass
20.00 Elephants from Neptune (Estonia)
21.00 Golden Parazyth

Stage by National Drama Theatre
17.00 Project of Vilnius College Arts faculty students
18.00 Instrumental beatbox performer Šarūnas Datenis
19.00 Movo
20.00 The Independent
21.00 Artrace

Stage by Lukiškių square
17.00 Group Quorum with songs of The Beatles
18.00 Days of Eclipse
19.00 Karma 20.00 Candee Train
21.00 Siela

September 1, Saturday

Stage by V. Kudirkos square
12.00 Youth choir Ugnelė of Vilnius J. Tallat – Kelpša Conservatory
13.00 The most popular songs of 1970-1980 performed by charismatic Egidijus Bavikinas and group DixXband
14.00 Opportunity to know Aikido martial arts and its philosophy. Open lesson and performance.
15.00 West African drum school: traditional rhythms and songs from Guinea, Senegal, Mali (led by Gediminas Mačiulskis)
16.00 Russian folk songs sung to you by folk ensemble Arinuška
17.00 SOLO ensemble performs theatrical songs
18.00 InSearch
19.00 Garbanotas Bosistas
20.00 Banda Dzeta
21.00 Colours of Bubbles

Stage by National Drama Theatre
12.00 Contemporary circus troupe AntiGravitacija performs with impressive jugglers and acrobats
13.00 Teacher of primary school Genys, singing poetry performer Giedrė Naruševičiūtė
14.00 Silesian bard Peter J. Birch (Poland)
15.00 Performance of actors ensemble Degam based on Vytautas V. Landsbergis tales
16.00 Performance of singer and song writer Ilona Papečkytė
17.00 Multi-instrumentalist Irfan Bulut (Turkey)
18.00 Kamanių šilelis
19.00 Alive Way
20.00 Markas Palubenka
21.00 The Perfect Pill

Stage by Lukiškių square
12.00 Readings of Maironis by citizens
13.00 Domantas Razauskas
14.00 Juggling lessons (led by Mantas Markevičius)
15.00 Lady Sisters
16.00 Folk group Sutaras presents Lithuanian traditional beggars songs
17.00 The golden melodies of the world performed by group DixXband and singer Kristina Svolkinaitė
18.00 Kazam
19.00 Fun Clock
20.00 Pop group SvanSikh (Georgia)
21.00 Muse IQ / Beissoul

September 2, Sunday

Stage by V. Kudirkos square
12.00 Polish song and dance ensemble Vilija (led by Renata Brasel)
13.00 Song and dance ensemble Fajerlech (headed by Larisa Vyšniauskienė)
14.00 Vilnius singing studio Hey (led by Victoria Kalpokaitė), and dance studio Boom Dance (led by Natalie Filipovich)
15.00 Žalvarinis
16.00 The Ball & Chain
17.00 Attitude
18.00 Mimicry (Estonia)
19.00 Mark Fiction
20.00 Bekešo vilkai

Stage by National Drama Theatre
12.00 "Grandmother's Tale" performed by theatre laboratory Atviras Ratas
13.00 Lithuanian drums virtuosos. Performance of Utena folklore study Sietynas (led by Rima Garsonienė).
14.00 Zala and Driukas (singing poetry)
15.00 Multi-instrumentalist Irfan Bulut (Turkey)
16.00 Kūjeliai
17.00 Ai, šiaip Bičiukai
18.00 Swing Zippers
19.00 Volumetears
20.00 Shamanna Bug

Stage by Lukiškių square
12.00 Folk ensemble Ūla performs songs by lyrics of Maironis
13.00 Liepa Maknavičiūtė and the group
14.00 Karininkų Ramovė men choir Aidas (led by Tadas Šumskas)
15.00 “Winged Matthew” performed by theatre laboratory Atviras Ratas
16.00 Beatles in Jazz (Belkin & Co)
17.00 Troitsa (Belarus)
18.00 Pievos
19.00 Arbata
20.00 Merlin