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Gedimino Avenue from the Cathedral Square to the Lukiškių Square
August 31, Friday, 12:00 - 23:30
September 1, Saturday, 10:00 - 23:30
September 2, Sunday, 10:00 - 22:30

It has been seven years since the Gedimino Avenue began to ‘buzz’ during the annual Vilnius City Fiesta 2012. THE BUZZING AVENUE, it is a place full of cultural actions, creative ideas, it‘s a place where your wishes and fantasies can come true.
This year THE BUZZING AVENUE will extend almost through entire Gedimino Avenue and its program will be divided into four different areas:

1) Gedimino av. from Cathedral Square to Vilnius str. – STREET OF ARTS AND MUSIC

This area is for visual arts and craftsmanship, professional painter works, various art ware, pottery and most important - a lot of cultural events and concerts.

2) Gedimino av. from Jogailos str. to A.Jakšto str. – DELICIOUS FAIRING PATH
In this area everyone will be able to taste and to buy various delicacies - one who will come hungry will go out with full stomach! Here you will find the highest quality food: bread, meat, milk, honey, meat products and other delicious goods.

3) Gedimino av. from A.Jakšto str. to Vasario 16-osios str. – PARK OF GAMES FOR CHILDREN AND THEIR PARENTS
In this zone there will be a whole variety of outdoors and board games for children and their parents. You will also find here sessions of nontraditional medicine, massage and other activities for healthy life style.

4) Gedimino av. by Lukiškių Square – ALLEY OF BOOKS: SPACE OF IDEAS AND FREEDOM
Especially loved tradition of THE BUZZING AVENUE is books’ alley by the Lukiškių square. In this part of the avenue you will be able to find a big variety of presentations of most recent and most talked-about books introduced by the main publishers of Vilnius. You will be able to buy books signed by the authors and with huge discounts.

For most hungry and most thirsty ones – outdoor restaurants with the best outdoor kitchens will be arranged in all Gedimino Avenue.

Concerts of new festival called VILNIUS MUSIC WEEK will be held on three stages of THE BUZZING AVENUE. International week of music – it is never seen series of events in Lithuania, combining national and international music industries and it’s participants from all around the world as well as uniting the most talented and the most perspective performers with the audience for a festive celebration.

THE BUZZING AVENUE is always unexpected, spontaneous, alive and huge kettle full of music, dance, art, literature, theatre, improvisation, movement and games. It will provide with more than 100 events.