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Benjamin Verdonck & Pieter Ampe. WE DON’T SPEAK TO BE UNDERSTOOD

30 September, 7 pm and 1 October, 7 pm.
Arts printing house, Black hall

Toneelhuis, KVS & CAMPO (Belgium)
Authors: Pieter Ampe, Benjamin Verdonck, Korneel Coessens, Louise Crabbé, Peter Seynaeve & Iwan Van Vlierberghe
Performers: Pieter Ampe ir Benjamin Verdonck
Executive producer: CAMPO
Co-producers: BIT Teatergarasjen (Bergen, Norway) & La Bâtie, Festival de Genève (Switzerland)

Duration – 60 min
A gramophone, a toaster, a table, a chair, a fan, a towel and a fridge – these are the things that appear on stage along with a photo of Hillary Clinton. It is within this space that an entire world and a wordless conversation unfold. Two men aged somewhere between thirty and forty show up, one of them out of the fridge, with Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” sounding in the background. Sometimes it’s better to keep quiet in order to be understood. And these two Belgians, an actor/ visual artist Benjamin Verdonck and a dancer/ choreographer Pieter Ampe create a silence that does not tingle. Their silence takes a sound of complete insanity which is both uncontrollably comic and deeply ironic, peppered with all necessary attributes like honey, snow, ribbons…
Artists do not force audiences to listen to endless dialogues, their dialogue unfolds through movement and stage compostions. Sometimes it’s better to be silent but it doesn’t mean to “say nothing”. Verdonck and Ampe speaks about the balance of power in the world, about seasons, chaos, and playful junctions – all of this without a word uttered. However, most of the time there’s little space left for ambiguous interpretations. The play is full of intense and well-dosed humour, and, according to one critic, it’s better understood with less thinking and more immersion.
The play, which premiered in April this year, is on an intense touring schedule and will visit “Sirenos” after appearance in the prestigious Wiener Festwochen festival in Austria, and on stagesin Germany, Holland, Estonia, Switzerland and Latvia.

★★★★ „It is a comic image that the performance creates here, but also a crude intervention – as crude as this reality truly is when we survey the world from a distance.“ – Moos van den Broek,,
“The audience holds its breath as once a child in a puppet theatre, and is tempted to shout “look out!” to warn the helpless one. <...> At some point, you no longer know what belongs to the play and what doesn’t. Yes: art should be fun“ – Carola Leitner,