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27th of October, Tuesday
Contemporary Art Centre, 21:00


Global LT

Justina Repečkaitė Tapisserie (2014)
Albertas Navickas Accidental (2011)
Vykintas Baltakas Redditio 2 (2013)
Justina Repečkaitė Rapid Eye Movements (2014)
Ignas Krunglevičius Gradients (2012, premiere of new version)
Vykintas Baltakas Redditio (2010)
Veronika Krausas analemma (2006)

Global Lithuania is the theme of this concert by the ensemble that consistently promotes contemporary music in this country, as well as one of the themes of this year’s festival. The concert will feature works by actively creating Lithuanian composers who live in various countries of the world: Belgium-based head of the ensemble Vykintas Baltakas who boasts a nickname of “the musical Scheherazade”, Albertas Navickas and Justina Repečkaitė who currently study in France, Norway-based Ignas Krunglevičius and a resident of Canada of Lithuanian descent Veronika Krausas – a wide geographical network of a large variety of musical aesthetics.