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26th of October, Monday
Contemporary Art Centre, 21:00


Meredith Monk Railroad (Travel song)
Meredith Monk St Petersburg Waltz (1994)
David Lang This was written by hand (2003)
David Lang Spartan arcs, Wed, Diet coke, Beach (from Memory pieces) (1992)
Diderik Wagenaar La volta (1989)

A recital of the top-notch pianist in the Contemporary Art Centre hall is an extraordinary event. Zolinsky who performs with the famous band Icebreaker and has an excellent solo career will present for the Vilnius audience the works by his close creative partner, a winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Music, American post-minimalist David Lang, some of which are dedicated to the pianist. The works by the cult American singer and composer Meredith Monk will be a feast for music lovers. And for the dessert – “La volta” by the Dutch composer Diderik Wagenaar, unbridled rage of the elements...