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24th of October, Saturday
Contemporary Art Centre, 20:00


Fausto Romitelli Professor Bad Trip: Lesson I (1998)
Riccardo Nova Yagé Howl (2014)
Fausto Romitelli Professor Bad Trip: Lesson II (1999)
Giovanni Verrando Krummholz (2014)
Fausto Romitelli Professor Bad Trip: Lesson III (2000)

Probably the most interesting discovery of contemporary Italian music is the charismatic ensemble Repertorio Zero, a winner of a Silver Lion at the Venice Biennial. For this concert the ensemble is bringing a programme with which it conquered the stages of many European festivals and won the top awards. We will hear the famous cycle “Professor Bad Trip” by one of the most remarkable contemporary Italian composers Fausto Romitelli, inspired by psychedelic rock and hallucinatory sounds. This work will be accompanied by the opuses by the outstanding Italian composers of the new generation, Riccardo Nova and Giovanni Verrando. A special role in the concert will be played by an interaction of live sound and electronics and a spatial sound system that will plunge the audience into sonic depths.