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 Thursday, July 2, 7 pm
St. Catherine’s Church (30 Vilniaus St., Vilnius)


Vocal music masterpieces

Soloist ASTA KRIKŠČIŪNAITĖ (soprano)
Šiauliai Boys and Youth Choir DAGILĖLIS
Artistic Director and Conductor REMIGIJUS ADOMAITIS
Concert-master DAIVA ŠULCAITĖ (piano)

Perhaps Lithuania cannot boast of gold deposits or other natural resources from the depths of the Earth, yet we are certainly not short of gems. And one shines with particular brilliance – the world-acclaimed Dagilėlis Boys and Youth Choir.
Dagilėlis Day has been declared in honour of this collective in Baltimore (USA), in China they are known as the “choir of angels”, and in Germany – as the “Lithuanian Thomaner” (Thomaner is one of the most famous and oldest boys choirs in the world, performing for over 800 years). The choir’s laurels number 12 of the highest international competition awards. And what is the secret of their success?
“I’ve heard many choirs, whose music sounds clear, but that’s all. A glass jar also makes a nice sound, but it is empty. Our choir on the other hand knows how to fill music with emotions. Sometimes it’s even quite sad to see how moved people are leaving our concerts”, says the director of Dagilėlis, Remigijus Adomaitis, and does not doubt that shivers will run down your spine as well.

Programme - S. Dobrogosz, L. Vilkončius, B. Gorbulskis, J. Kern, and others.


Concert duration: 80 min.

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