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15 OCTOBER 19:00, Russian Drama Theatre (J.Basanavičius str. 13, Vilnius)

Roberto Ottaviano - Alexander Hawkins (Italy-UK)
Forgotten Matches - The Worlds of Steve Lacy

Roberto Ottaviano - soprano sax
Alexander Hawkins - piano

A double CD (one in quartet , the other in duo ) with 23 songs to commemorate the tenth anniversary Steve Lacy passed away . A tribute from Roberto Ottaviano who faces from a new perspective , working in the studio with some of the musicians who have worked with the American musician over the years. A tribute to the sound that has characterized every style and fashion instead stay entangled , topical already in the 50s , which today represents the highest level of virtuosity for timbre , melodic ideas , rhythmic groove and extension . "The more I try to detach myself from his power musical , artistic , and the more I realize how Lacy is really a giant still misunderstood ," emphasizes Ottaviano in the liner notes . " Every time as a musician , thinker , esthete and researcher , I pose the questions explored in different directions , inevitably find in its production and in its ' modus operandi ' , the answers I seek ."

Reis-Demuth-Wiltgen (LUX)

Michel Reis - piano
Marc Demuth - bass
Paul Wiltgen - drums

Reis-Demuth-Wiltgen Trio is part of a fast growing jazz scene in Luxembourg. For many years, musicians such as Michel Pilz, Ernie Hammes and Roby Glod have held their own on stages throughout the world. The Luxembourg jazz scene continues to push its frontiers, bringing forth captivating young artists such as Pascal Schumacher and Maxime Bender. Reis-Demuth-Wiltgen have strong ties to their home country, and are among these emerging talents who through experience, learning and reflection, have acquired a worldly open mindedness and eagerness to bring their music to audiences worldwide. With their European style of melodic composition, set to an almost American sounding rhythm section that is exciting and dynamic, yet grounding and settled, Reis-Demuth-Wiltgen share the diversity of current jazz and a laid-back Europe.

Hikashu feat. Itaru Oki (Japan)

Makigami Koichi - voc, theremin, cornet, shakuhachi
Mita Freeman - g
Sakaide Masami - b
Shimizu Kazuto - p, synth, bcl
Sato Masaharu – dr
Itaru Oki - tp

Hikashu is the main creative laboratory of Makigami Koichi, one of the most original Japanese vocalists and multi-instrumentalists. His improvisations include elements of rock, avant-garde and Japanese music. He is one of the most representative Japanese performers of Tuvan throat singing, mesmerising audiences with the diapason and expressiveness of his vocal.

Makigami Koichi has collaborated with a number of artists and musicians such as Derek Bailey, Ikue Mori, Lawren Newton, Fred Frith, Phil Minton, David Moss, Tom Cora, Takahashi Yuji, Otomo Yoshihide, Anthony Coleman, Umezu Kazutoki and Carl Stone.