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Phoebi claro

Ovidian Mythical love in Medieval Song
September 13, 6pm, Palace of the Grand Dukes, Katedros a. 4

José Pizarro – voice, Irantzu Zuasti – vielle, Pepe Morales Luna – citole,
Cristina Alís Raurich – portative organ, Mauricio Molina – medieval frame drums, jew´s harp, tabella, bells

The world of the pagan gods, mythological beings and heroes of Antiquity was resoundingly appealing to medieval composers. Seeking to go beyond the limits defined by liturgical verse and music, their songs told of the heroic stories of Hercules, Venus, Poseidon and other mythological characters, about the pleasures of intellectual and carnal love.
The Spanish ensemble Magister Petrus reconstructs the performance of Romanesque and Early Gothic period music. Directed by musicologist Mauricio Molina, the performers make use of primary musical sources, iconographical and literary evidence, and appropriate live music traditions. The concert will feature works from times when music was produced through the harmonic ratios of Pythagorean formulae, and the verses in hymns lauded the most glorified heroes and strongest of emotions.