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Froberger’s World

A solitary journey around misfortune, loss and death

September 17, Saturday, 7 pm, Palace of the Grand Dukes, Katedros a. 4




Alina Rotaru – harpsichord (Germany / Lithuania)

Dubbed “the Frederic Chopin of the harpsichord”, Johann Jacob Froberger (1616–1667) was one of the most cosmopolitan and interesting musicians of his time. His music often depicts severe life experiences, however not for self-pity’s sake but rather out of gratitude towards Destiny itself for having spared his life and preserving his well-being. He valued solitude, whilst at the same time showing an almost contemptuous lack of interest in career or fame. Today, 400 years after he was born, Froberger’s life as well as his music are subjects of countless speculations.

Born in Romania, trained in Germany and The Netherlands, and a recent resident of Vilnius, harpsichordist Alina Rotaru is praised by the critics as one of the most artistically powerful, expressive, and technically flawless harpsichordists of these times. Her rendition of Froberger in her recording “Suites & Toccatas” was highly acclaimed by the press and described numerous times as “sensational” and “highly recommended”.