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Office for Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

September 13, Tuesday, 8 pm, Franciscan Monastery Church, Trakų g. 9/1


Graindelavoix (Belgium): Marius Peterson, Adrian Sîrbu, Tomàs Maxé, Arnout Malfliet, Jean-Christophe Brizar

Director Björn Schmelzer

The relics of saints are a phenomenon arousing respectful shivers in some, whilst causing tremors of pure fright in others. The veneration of imperishable bodies – either limbs or organs thereof – kept in reliquaries as the supernatural echoes of reality, was practised through the ages. Founded by musicologist and anthropologist Björn Schmelzer, the Antwerp-based ensemble Graindelavoix is renowned throughout the early music world for their thoroughly researched programs, revealing not only a detailed study of early sources, but also their interconnections and contexts. This year, the collective brings to Vilnius fragments from the Office of Elizabeth of Hungary. When this saint died in 1231, her head and heart were separated from her body: the reliquary holding her heart was sent to Cambrai Cathedral where it remains. These early Latin hymns will bring to audiences’ minds the secrecy and mysticism of the Late Medieval world.