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Lessons of Leaking Theatrical game. Germany

8th October 5 pm, 7 pm, 9 pm
9th October 3 pm, 5 pm, 7 pm, 9 pm
Lithuanian National Drama Theatre, Studio

Director: Anna Fries
Performance: Roland Bonjour, Nora Decker, Leonie Rainer
Performance (video): Benita Sarah Bailey, Cora Frost, Walter Hess, Maria José Morales Folgueras
Producer: machina eX

Duration: 75 mins
Premiere: February 2016

Germany in 2021. After multiple crises of the last decade, the vision of a united Europe has given way to the reality of an overarching security apparatus. The society is divided: critics of all political camps demand that Germany quit the European Union whereas supporters of the EU want to hold on to the old ideal of a community of solidarity. To appease the situation, the German government let the people decide in a referendum on quitting the Union. A couple of days before the vote, a young PR agent gets hold of top secret information. Its publication would have severe consequences for Europe as a whole.
In “Lessons of Leaking” machina eX reflects the moral clashes between the conflicting priorities of democracy, transparency, freedom of speech and manipulation. In collaboration with the playwright Dmitrij Gawrisch, the media collective develops a theatrical game where political ideals and personal interests are pitted irreconcilable against each other. In a group of ten, the audience enacts a political thriller and makes wide-ranging decisions on the course of history: to leak or not to leak?