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Girls in Arms. Reclaiming Vilnius International premiere

A site-responsive heritage tour, Israel

13th, 14th October 6 pm, 9 pm
Church of Blessed Virgin Mary Our Lady of Consolation

Created and performed by: Adili Liberman, Nadav Bossem
International touring: as is presenting arts

Duration: 1 hr
Premiere: 2013

Between Putin's Russia and Merkel's Europe, right in the heart of Europe, lays a flourishing and peaceful Lithuania, and in the heart of it a beautiful city Vilnius, which has one of the most famous cathedrals of the memorable communist era in its own heart – the Church of Blessed Virgin Mary Our Lady of Consolation. Or as Stalin once said that "there is no consolation in an open church”.
Girls in arms, Jenny Abarjil and Janna Rosbusin, both female Israeli soldiers serving in the Israeli army, invite the public to embark upon a journey through the untold story of this place of holiness and consolation, a moment before the building is to be demolished and rebuilt as a newly cyber-interactive Jewish heritage centre (January 2017). The duo will reveal and revive stories, legends and battles from the history of this house of God, the history of Vilnius, your history.
The tour will end with a mass prayer at the Baroque tower's panoramic lookout, from which one can observe the nearest Syrian refugee camp on a clear day.