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Performance-presentation based on “Ice” by Vladimir Sorokin

30th of September 4:00 pm
Russian Drama Theatre of Lithuania

Director: Agnius Jankevičius
Cast: Valentinas Krulikovskis, Valentin Novopolskij, Juliana Volodko, Viačeslavas Mickevičius, Jevgenija Gladij, Viačeslav Lukjanov, Jelena Orlova, Kornelija Krasilnikovaitė
Producer: Russian Drama Theatre of Lithuania

Duration: 2 hrs 50 mins (with intermission )
Premiere: December 2015

One of the most popular contemporary Russian writers Vladimir Sorokin catapulted to popularity after his novel “Day of the Oprichnik” was published in 2006.
The novel “Ice” is the first part of the homonymous trilogy; it tells a story of the fantastic “light brotherhood” that appeared on Earth after the Tunguska event where, supposedly, a meteorite crashed. It turns out that around 23 thousand supermen exercising supernatural powers are now scattered throughout our blue planet. Whereas the rest of the humanity is just “machines of flesh”.
Literary critics note the novel's links with “Harry Potter” but Sorokin's fantasy is more of a social, ironic, satirical nature.