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The Code: HAMLET

Theatrical game based on “Hamlet” by Shakespeare

29th of September 8:30 pm / 10:30 pm
Russian Drama Theatre of Lithuania

Director: Olga Lapina
Cast: Telman Ragimov, Aleksandras Špilevoj, Valentinas Novopolskis, Maksim Tuchvatulin, Juliana Volodko, Aleksandra Metalnikova, Jevgenija Gladij, Vera Stasenia, Jelena Orlova, Artūras Aleksejevas, Jekaterina Makarova, Viačeslavas Mickevičius, Edita Gončarova
Producer: Russian Drama Theatre of Lithuania

Premiere: May 2016
Duration: 1 hr

Based on “Hamlet”, the Shakespearian tragedy, “The Code: HAMLET” is a theatre game that combines principles of site-specific theatre and “escape the room” game genre. The game/performance takes place in the whole building of the Russian Drama Theatre of Lithuania, and takes those playing even to its most undiscovered corners usually hidden from outsiders’ eyes. If you miss adventures, extreme or mysterious experiences and boast physical and mental strength, “The Code: HAMLET” is right for you.
Those who dare to find Hamlet will be dressed in special protective suits and accompanied by experienced actors-guides. Your task will be to unravel the mysteries, solve the riddles, and find the cherished key. You must watch out! There will be a lot of traps on your way and you will have only one hour to escape Hamlet's world! Are you ready to plunge into the Danish kingdom and the mind labyrinths of Hamlet?