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Vilnius International Film Festival KINO PAVASARIS


Vilnius International Film Festival (Vilnius IFF) “Kino pavasaris” is unquestionably one of the most anticipated annual cultural events in Lithuania – perhaps even the one.
Now in its 18th year, it is the largest cinematic event in the country, known and loved for its high quality film programme and rich accompanying package of cinema-related events, workshops, and special initiatives.
In March every year, Vilnius IFF presents more than 180 films divided into a number of categories, from Horizons and Brave Vision to Hot Documentary and various retrospectives, and everything in between. The public’s interest in independent international cinema has been increasing ever since 2005, when the then 10-year-old Vilnius IFF witnessed a record number of visitors (over 41,000, an increase of 40 per cent from 2004). This year, more than 72,000 people attended the festival – a really impressive number in a country of less than 3 million people.
Taking on a more international format, Vilnius IFF successfully cooperates with various other international film festivals (among them – the IFFs of Warsaw, Sarajevo, Sofia, Tallinn, Minsk, Wroclaw and Transylvania ) as well as film companies, distributors, and independent producers. Our membership of CICAE (International Confederation of Art Cinemas) and the long-lasting partnership with the EU’s Media programme is yet another sign of our dedication to showcase only the best of independent cinema. We hope to expand this network of collaboration to involve even more cinema-fascinated souls.
Meeting Point Vilnius
The year 2013 will witness the fourth international conference Meeting Point Vilnius, an important event dedicated to the film industry’s professionals. It aims to creatively discover the identity of Vilnius IFF and Lithuanian cinema in general in the regional and global context. A crucial part of Meeting Point Vilnius is its Forum – an open space for Central/Eastern European film festivals to successfully network and establish and maintain close partnerships.
New Europe, New Names
In 2009, Vilnius IFF introduced “New Europe - New Names”, a competition programme with a solid international jury aimed at the best talent among debuting Central/Eastern European filmmakers. The programme was so successful it became one of the IFF’s constant features.
Social Responsibility
Being a socially-conscious institution, Vilnius IFF seeks to promote cinema beyond the festival itself. We organise various educational and social projects, such as educational programmes for high school and university students (Cinema Book and Kino Pavasaris in Your University, respectively), awareness-raising initiatives, exhibitions, workshops, and training courses for young filmmakers, among others.

Vilnius IFF Mission
• Provide audiences with the most powerful, most intriguing, least expected independent cinema from all around the world.;
• Celebrate cinema in the city of Vilnius in all its multi-dimensional forms;
• Engage and inspire the next generation of filmmakers.
Vilnius IFF Vision
• To gain international recognition as one of the leading international film festivals in Central/Eastern Europe;
• To showcase the best debut films from the region in the Competition programme;
• To introduce the world’s best actors and filmmakers to our audiences, and vice versa.

Contact person – Vida Ramaškienė,; Robertas Ramaška,