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Music jingling all night long from the abandoned backyard in Vilnius old town, concerts, performances, exhibitions, creative workshops, and installations taking place on the streets, squares, and the most unexpected spaces, untiring dancers, trampling the pavements… The entire city is filled with music, colors, lights, and smiles. And this is not a dream or a motive from a motion-picture. All this is the Culture Night.

One night festival of culture and art – Culture Night – has been arranged in Vilnius since 2007 and this summer it will take place during the night from the 16th to the 17th of July. It will become the main cultural opening event of Lithuanian Presidency of Council of the EU. Over 100 projects and 700 artists from Lithuania and foreign countries, and all this will happen in the city just over one night.
The program of the festival this year will be enriched with the projects of foreign artists: at S. Daukanto Square you will be able to see a street threatre show "Hop!" from France, in Sapieha Palace - see a solo performance "Voyager" which will introduce to japanese dance butō, polish music concert - a concert "PLT" and a big happening "Thank You, Iceland" which will take a part in Islandija street. In the courtyard of the Presidential Palace of the Republic of Lithuania there will be a Nordic Stage in which  a joint project is also elaborated by the Lithuanian and Scandinavian artists: Fauske Blandakor and Song lovers club mixed chorus which will play lithuanian and norwegian traditional songs and also international popular hits, also NordOpera concert "VOX NORD" and last but not least the performers from Norway Susanne Lundeng Trio.

The festival will also include the traditional events: concerts for the youth, piano music concert "The Freedom of Sound" performed by Jolanta Klenovkska at "Gallery Kristina Norvilaitė“, concert, performed by Judita Leitaitė at Central Library of Vilnius City Municipality. The city dwellers and guests will be able to take part in various creative workshops, check the photo exhibitions, visit cafes and bars, which are working on special programs. Special family space will settle in Bernardine Garden.

The festival will be attended by the Lithuanian artists from Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Panevėžys, and other towns. Many educational institutions (Vilnius Academy of Arts, Vilnius University, Vilnius College of Design, etc.) got involved in the project as well: students are actively working on exhibitions, installations of light, and other projects. Many museums and galleries will be open in Vilnius during the night. A spectacular program for the guests of the festival will be prepared by the Arts Printing House – a concert by a band called “VANDENYNAS”, a theater play "Jan van Eyck IDENTIFY”, an interactive educational program “Red Noses. Doctors clowns”, a different play “ŠIURPĖS“ by theatre "Apeironas” and also a performance “HEREAFTER” by Buto dance - theatre trupe “OKARUKAS”.

About the festival in brief:
During the Culture Night (former Let it be Night!) the squares, streets, parks, and the most unexpected spaces in Vilnius are filled with the projects of various types of arts – music, dance, theater, cinema, photography, state-of-the-art installations, etc. A one-night festival showed up in Lithuania in 2007 preparing of the events of Vilnius – European Capital of Culture 2009. In fact, during the very first year of the festival Vilnius had approximately 40 events, but subsequent festivals would involve more and more events and gather more and more artists as well as participants – last year the festival of culture and art invited the guests and dwellers of the city to 130 projects, presented by 400 artists from Lithuania and foreign countries. It is estimated that the events were attended by approximately 100-150 thousand of people.


Contact person - Irma Petrašiūnaitė,