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Saturday, August 12, 4:30 pm | Vytautas Kasiulis Art Museum (1 A. Goštauto St, Vilnius)

A piano recital

MORTA GRIGALIŪNAITĖ (piano, Germany/Lithuania )

Don't be surprised to hear Morta Grigaliūnaitė when you turn on Mezzo, Radio classique or Classical Planet.
It's not only the most influential music channels that are vying for this pianist's appearances, but also the most prestigious concert halls, soloists and orchestras. The geographic range of her appearances already covers almost all of Europe, Georgia, Turkey, Azerbaidjan... Yet the good news is that despite her tight schedule, she has a stop planned for Vilnius as well!
In her recital, Morta will surprise audiences with winding Baroque ornaments, letting us wander a little in the mist, before ending the evening on a deeply romantic note.

Programme C. P. E. Bach, L. Janaček, J. Brahms

Concert duration 70 min.
Children aged under 7 not admitted

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