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Thursday, July 13, 8:30 pm | St. Catherine’s Church (30 Vilniaus St., Vilnius)

A powerful concoction of the sounds of the cello and electronica

THEAMAZING CELLO (cello, electronica)

Each appearance of TheAmazing Cello leaves audiences believing the cello is an instrument of unexpected potential. And it can be no other way once you find out what's behind this stage name. He is one of the best effect pedal masters in the world, a virtuosi cellist, Justas Kulikauskas.
This performer loves everything that makes the heart beat faster. So much so that his own appearances are simply breath-taking! TheAmazing Cello is an impressive synthesis of original and popular music, the sounds of the cello and electronica, not restricted by genre or any stylistic framework.
So, all that's left is to get ready for a powerful impression!

Program features original compositions and popular music

Concert duration 80 min.
Children aged under 7 not admitted

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