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New Baltic Dance'17: Edyta Kozak & Roland Rowiński

14th and 16th of May

Dancing For You Longer Than One Minute
Edyta Kozak & Roland Rowiński (Poland)


Concept, screenplay: Edyta Kozak, Roland Rowiński
Choreography, performance: Edyta Kozak
Direction, voice of director: Roland Rowiński
Lights design: Tomasz Wójcik
Video: Tomasz Wójcik, Artur Kiciak, Michał Żytkowski
Sound: Alik Dziki
Technicians: Katarzyna Parczewska, Karol Białek, Artur Kiciak, Adam Chyracewicz Perfect Sound, CBA
Production manager: Natalia Starowieyska

Premiere: 2009
Duration: 60 min

Kozak is a choreographer who broke up with classical dance aesthetics after a very successful career in ballet and entered the world of contemporary dance. She comes back as a choreographer and dancer after a long break for fighting for the development of dance in Warsaw. In her dance installation Dancing for you for one minute (2007) she did’‘t appear herself. This time she will dance for the audience. Dancing for you longer than one minute is a dialogue between her and a director. It’s a meeting during which we get to know her history, her favourite styles, aesthetics and fascinations. It is also a reflection on a search for contemporary dance language today. This interactive installation was the beginning of the triptych created together with the spectacle performance of the same name and a feature film “Dancing For You”. Dance critics, surveyed by a dance web portal, claimed the preview of Dancing for you longer than one minute a “surprise of the year” and one of the best performances in 2009.

Edyta Kozak is a dancer, choreographer, promoter and organiser of many contemporary dance events. Currently, the director of the international contemporary dance festival Body/Mind (since 2001), the president of Body/Mind Foundation, one of the main coordinators of the Dance Congress in Warsaw (2011). She graduated from the Secondary Ballet School (certificate of artist-dancer) and the Academy of Music (Faculty of Ballet Pedagogy) in Warsaw. She was a soloist in the Teatr Wielki in Warsaw (1988–1990) and Stadttheater in Bern (Swizterland, 1990–1992) managed by François Klaus. She is one of the most spectacular examples of giving up classical ballet and taking up contemporary dance, finally becoming fascinated by experimental forms and conceptual non-dance. Her artistic path was influenced by contemporary dance classes and workshops in which she participated in 1992–1997 (such places and artists as Jazzex, NDT, Scapino, Hans van Mannen,   Steve Paxton, Irene Hultman, Gery Hulighan). In 1994 she took part in the programme International Choreographers in Residency as part of American Dance Festival in Durham. For ten years (1995–2005) she was the president of the Association of Independent Dancers in which she created projects, was responsible for their artistic formula, organisation and promotion. In the early 1990s Edyta founded the group NEI, one of the first independent dance theatre groups in Poland and the first in Warsaw, working as a dancer and choreographer, collaborating with many artists from Poland, France and the USA. She has won many awards and scholarships, including an infidel award of the Minister of Culture (1996) and for promoting dance art (2003).

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