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New Baltic Dance'17: Dance Theatre EXODUS

14 th of May 6 pm, Factory "Audejas"

W.A. Mozart Requiem – J.Xenaki
Dance Theatre EXODUS (Lithuania)


Director: Jūratė Vansk
Choreographers – performers:
Lina Puodžiukaitė-Lanauskienė
Konstantin Kosovec
Goda Laurinavičiūtė
Miglė Praniauskaitė
Sigita Juraškaitė
Artist: Vitalis Čepkauskas
Photography: Kestutis Pleita
Choir: “Aidija” (director R. Gražinis)
Percussion: Andrius Rekašius
Conductor: Vytautas Lukočius
Joana Gedmintaitė – soprano
Audrius Rubežius – tenor
Gabrielė Kiršaitė – mezzo soprano
Žygimantas Galinis – bass

Students of the Ballet Department of the National M. K. Čiurlionis School of Art.

Premiere: 14 May 2017
Duration: 60 min.

The performance shall merge the unfinished W. A. Mozart Requiem performed by the choir, soloists, and orchestra into a continuous emotional vision together with J. Xenakis Rambons A, B percussion music and choreographic drawing by contemporary dance artists. Exodus, the mass travelling, became the working principle of our idea. Travelling where and why? The artists will ask themselves: how did we become what we are today? Who do we want to be in the future? In short: who are we?

Join us in an open space to reflect on condition humaine (human condition) of a modern person and his identity conflicts with the help of theatre art and contribute to our honest and tolerant discussion on our co-existence in today’s diversity.

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