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The Conscripts

29th of September 7 pm
Arts Printing House, Black Hall

Director: Paulius Pinigis
Producer: Klaipėda Youth Theatre

Duration: 1 hr 40 mins
Premiere: December 2015

Who will protect your freedom? Who will ensure your bright future? Who will secure your safety? What do law and order mean to you? Who is your enemy and how are you going to fight him/her? Are you going to fight? And if it’s not you, who will fight then?
The context of the present geopolitical situation enforces each of us to answer these or similar questions. Klaipeda Youth Theatre together with the organisation New Voice of the Nation (NVN) invite you to the play “The Conscripts” to look for answers to those questions together. The authors understand that there is no such thing as the one and only truth – the war is never reacted to unanimously or understood objectively. The aim of the performance though is to try and speak openly about the topic, as well as present the possible personal viewpoints. The audience is free to choose which side to stand on: indifference or commitment, fear or trust, courage or stupidity.
“Our eyes are turned away from what is actually happening. The truth is that we are in real danger. I do not think we are safe; one can feel the breath of the enemy. Therefore, everyone must be informed about the danger we are facing now, and the collaboration with the Klaipeda Youth Theatre is a perfect way to do it”, says the representative of the NVN Arvydas Kevelinksas.